August 18, 2008


I've decided to make some wellness changes to my lifestyle. Before I had kids, I use to be a fitness fanatic. However, I would not define that time in my life as healthy. It was extreme to say the least. Then I swung to the other end of the pendulum when I had children. Like most women after they become a Mom, I put my fitness and overall wellness, low on the "To do" list. It's somewhere between changing another poopy diaper and cleaning the crayon off the wall, which is still on the wall =).

Three weeks ago I noticed I was having TMJ (jaw pain), Plantar Fasciitis (foot pain), and worse of all my Dimpleitis (dimples on the wrong cheeks) had increased. I was also slightly struggling with a case of the grumps mixed with the sads. At the end of the first week, as I was reflecting on these minor ailments, I realized I had become sedentary. I said to myself..."Self, if I don't change this, what is now minor will become major ailments" (no, I didn't say it out loud). The alarm went off that I needed to make my health a priority. I then began to think about what is healthy? Knowing what I know now, healthy is not about having ripped abs or rapidly losing 18 pounds in 10 weeks. Healthy is functioning at your optimal level. It's about being aware of what you are putting into your body. Making sure that you're not just counting fat calories and carb calories, but instead eating a variety of colorful, whole, natural foods that fuel your body. It's about being able to eat a Doves dark chocolate, or two, and not feel like you've blown it. Nor, is it feeling like you want to eat the entire bag of chocolates because you have deprived yourself of any chocolate.

Healthy is also about moving! Our bodies were originally designed to be hunters and gatherers. Now the majority of us sit for a good portion of the day. We hunt by driving to a drive thru. This would explain why we have obesity, back pain, TMJ, and etc. We don't do what we were meant to do, which is to be active.

Here are the practical changes I have made.

1. Workout 2 days on 1 day off. This means I workout 2 days in a row and rest the 3rd day. If I miss one of my workout days, no biggie, I'll just workout on my off day and take the day after that off.

2. Never do the same workout twice in a row. If I walk/run one day then I'll take a step class the next day. It's important to keep the body adapting to change.

3. Eat whole grain foods when there is that option. The Goat Cheese Pizza (pictured above) is made with a whole wheat pizza crust. You can get the recipe here. This months (August) issue of Real Simple magazine features a couple of great healthy recipes.

4. Stop eating after 7 pm. For me this is important. If I eat late at night, I will wake up very sluggish and tired. I look like I have a hang over, but with out the luxury of having any good wine ;)

5. Eat 2 pieces of dark chocolate after lunch and dinner. I can not deprive myself of this beautiful gift to mankind. If I allow myself chocolate, I don't get stir crazy for sugar.

6. DO NOT inspect myself in the mirror. I know what's there. There is no reason to look at my flaws everyday. My motivation for living a healthier lifestyle is first for wellness, second for sanity, and third for energy. If esthetically my body firms up then awesome, but my focus now is on the bigger picture - life.

Here's to a healthier life!



GoyaDesigns said...

I am right there with you sister. The olympics and my tight jeans made something click in my head that made me say "This isn't me anymore. No more denial and return to what you know is good for you." Yeah, I didn't say it out loud either.
The only additional thing I'm doing for wellness and energy is taking my vitamins. I don't eat my daily required amount of veggies or omega sources. Instead of telling myself I'll eat all my veggies tomorrow (a form of denial) I supplement to make sure my body has it's nutrients.

Pretty Ditty said...

I will have to add that to my list as well. Thanks =)

Stephanie said...

I think your approach to healthy is spot on!

Ariana said...

I absolutely love your work. It's beautiful.

Thanks for your word and encouragement about fitness! I think it's especially important to take care of ourselves when we have kids. The maintenance now will pay off with a healthier, longer (God-willing)life to spend with our precious ones.

I love to sew and be creative, and especially with a hobby that works our brains and creativity, it's good to be reminded to be healthy and exercise our bodies!

Thanks fo sharing!

Anonymous said...

That is really inspirational! It makes me want to be healthier. I too have put my fitness/health on the backburner, but not because of kids, but because of my sewing and crafts! Thank you for that little reminder and pick-me-up. :)