August 8, 2008

Creature Comforts

Are these not the sweetest little softies you ever did see?! What makes them so sweet, is they were made by my cousin's 10 year old daughter for my 3 little ones. I asked her what pattern she used and she told me she didn't use a pattern. What a little crafty genius she is. My kids have not stopped playing with them. The first thing my 2 year old asked for this morning when he woke up was "my doggie?" Fortunately, I knew right where it was. PHEW! I will have to ask my 2nd cousin (or is it cousin once removed? How does that go again?) to write a tutorial on how to make the little cuties.

Before I go I want to show you a picture of where I was yesterday. I went to Doheny Beach (Orange County) and the ocean's color was such a beautiful, peaceful blue. The water was full of little surfer boys and girls enjoying what's left of their summer.

I hope your weekend is both peaceful and invigorating.


1 comment:

GoyaDesigns said...

The sock "amimals" are darling. Props to the 10 year old artist and visionary.