August 22, 2008

A Button Sweater

When I was a little girl my Mom made me a button sweater similar to this one. I can remember discovering something new about each uniquely chosen button every time I wore it. One day my favorite button would be the ladybug, then the next week it would be the teddy bear, and the next week the apple, so on and so on. I loved that sweater.

My mom made the above sweater for my little one. How special it is to see her little mind laying down memories of each button. She too likes the ladybug button just like her Mama =)

The button sweater requires no sewing, just a sweater, buttons, needle and thread. You can make a theme button sweater such as the alphabet, to help the little one learn her letters. Or, you can make one using buttons of her favorite animal. Then again, it's always fun just to collect an assortment of buttons and gradually add them to the sweater. Here is a tutorial on how to sew on a button (click here). I'm thinking I may even make myself a bird themed button sweater =).



GoyaDesigns said...

Thanks for the tutorial on sewing a button. I definitely gleaned from it.


Anonymous said...

Kelly McNeilly Oliver here, I have been checking out your blog for a little while and I love it. My Mom made this sweater for me too and now Zoe has it . I had to say something cuz you hit home with this one. Love the blog... love you.
Love from down-under,