July 10, 2008

Tis the season to be....early?

I don't know if I'm early, or right on time for Christmas aprons? I know a few of you have left some nice comments telling me that July is the month for making Christmas stuff, but MAN it feels weird to think like that. I went against my anti-July-Christmas instinct and made one of 2 Christmas aprons. The other one will be up in the shop next week. Here is the Santa's Helpers full Lola Apron.

Santa Lola apron

It should be up this evening in the shop.

I also finished another green and pink apron called Granny Apple.

Granny Apple Lola apron

I love, love, love, the Green Granny Apple fabric!

Lastly, there is a new etsy shop called Jewelry By TKG and guess who owns it.....Laura the winner of the apron give-a-way contest. I think this flower ring would feed my new green and pink color craving.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for the advertising =)

I really like your new aprons, the cherry and granny apple ones are sooo cute!


This Girl loves to Talk said...

its called Christmas in July and is a really big thing in Australia!! (cause it is cold here now) we can actually enjoy all the things we get bombareded with in advertising (roast dinners, hot drinks, scarves, wooly hats) that is too hot at christmas for us... anyway I did a whole month of christmas posts.. I didnt know there wasnt christmas in July in the States!!