July 23, 2008

Don't be afraid

My mom forwarded me these pics. The email was titled The latest craze in Japan. I know what you're thinking " too bad they don't come in purple." I thought the exact same thing. I have no idea who the designer is, but I wish did. If you happen to have a pair in your closet could you check who the designer is? She, or he, deserves some serious props for the engineering skills used to design such a marvel. Seriously, it is pretty awesome that the designer did take a big risk in these shoe designs. This is definitely Project Runway "out of the box" type of thinking. I appreciate and admire that.
Having said that, I do believe the model is taking a bigger life threatening risk in wearing the shoes. I would be curious to see the full pic. I imagine the model holding on to a rope or pole with beads of sweet pouring down from her pained expression face. All the while her feet look ever so graceful.


GoyaDesigns said...

Creative...absolutely. Smart....absolutely NOT!
My husband and I just finished watching spills on the runway. Not pretty at all. Ankles seemed like they were gonna snap right off. The culprit... crazy shoes...and sleek flooring, and we thought modeling was safe.

Pretty Ditty said...

I think they should add modeling to a dangerous jobs list.

Unknown said...

OUCH! Those are totally crazy. I want a pair, but only to sit on a shelf and look pretty.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, after looking at the bottom 2 pairs I looked back at the top 2 and thought "hey, those look pretty comfortable".

That being said I fall down in flats, so probably not the best idea for me :)

GoyaDesigns said...

I love how you've found something for us to comment on and giggle as we read each others thoughts.

If ya'R (just watched Pirates) interested in checking out the runway falls yourself go on UTube.

GoyaDesigns said...

Hey Jamie,

This is 100% not related to the Barbie shoes, but did you take a shot on reupholstering your couch?


Pretty Ditty said...

Not yet. I'm not sure I can. My kids broke the wood beam. They thought it would be fun to jump on it without the cushions. Yeah hilarious.

Miranda said...

I would break my back if I wore those. They'd look good in a photoshoot though ;)

Anonymous said...

Ouch indeed~

Cutesyboots said...

Um, haven't these been fetish shoes for decades??

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