June 26, 2008

Before I forget...

I wanted to share with you a couple of Birthday gifts and a story.

This bracelet holder (from my sis) is from Urban Outfitters and is one of the happiest little bracelet holders I have ever seen. It's holding a bracelet my Pop purchased for me from a Greek festival (i'm a 1/4 Greek and the rest is a guessing game).

Ladies, not all blow-dryers are created equal! It seems very silly to set up a photo shoot for this blow-dryer, but seriously, if I had some rose petals on hand I would sprinkle them around the blow-dryer and link some angelic choir audio music to this pic. It is the CHI Pro Low EMF Ceramic Anion Infrared Hair Dryer and it ROCKS! Before my mom bought this for me, I used a hairdryer I had bought from the super market. I've never really been into hairdryers. As far as I was concerned, all they did was dry my hair. Wrong! Apparently, many hair dryers use high levels of EMF (electric magnetic fields), which can be harmful to you, the environment, and worse of all it drys out your hair =). Practically every time I use this hair dryer someone will compliment my hair. It's totally worth the money.

Lastly, my Birthday outfit.

I think we all know where this outfit came from, but just in-case.... it's from Anthropologie. I'm not really a belt person, but the sales lady had me try it on with the buckle in the back and it totally made the outfit.

Before I end, I do have to tell you a story about the belt. I wore this outfit out for my birthday dinner with my husband and a couple of friends. I had a great time and ate a lot of food. It's important to stress A LOT, because it will explain the next chain of events. The restaurant was located in an outdoor mall, so when we were finished eating we all decided to walk around the stores. It was fairly crowded, and I was enjoying a night out in an adult-like environment. As we were walking, my belt was becoming uncomfortable. The belt's stretchy like fabric had already made it a tight fit, while the fact that I had overate only made it tighter. Then all of a sudden, when we were crossing the street to go to the other side of the mall, my belt slings off of me like a sling shot and into the middle of the crosswalk. It's important to note that a car had stopped to let us cross the street and it was night time so the cars headlights were basically like a spotlight on my slinging belt. I was very fortunate that no one was in front of me, because they could have been severely bruised in the leg or arm with the speed my belt was flying at. The funny thing is that without thinking, I said loudly, "Oh no, there goes my stripper belt." Yes, there were other people crossing the street with us, and yes, I felt embarrassed that not only did my belt fling off of me but I also referred to myself as a stripper. Fortunately, my friends have a good sense of humor and know I could never make it as a stripper. I would be fired after the first pole dance on the premise that I would be a liability to the club.



Miranda said...

CUTE outfit. Love that belt and the story behind it. That sounds like something that would happen to me :)

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