May 5, 2008

My feathered friend


In the early morning, while sipping a hot cup of coffee, sometimes I will see a sweet little humming bird perched atop a young tree. It is there that she sits, basking in all her beauty and splendor, enjoying the morning air and taking in the sounds of a new day. To view this delightful soul from my living room window is very special to me because I live in a track home within a planned community where nature doesn't just happen - it is planned. Please don't get me wrong, I love my neighborhood and the beautiful landscaping, but there is something innate that longs for nature - pure, undisturbed nature. So, to see my sweet little bird is a treasure to me. I'm sure my little friend looks down on all of the homes that have invaded her once natural beautiful plot of land and says "Well, since you're obviously here to stay we might as well have coffee together and figure out how we can share the space."
Indeed we should.

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