May 22, 2008

California accent

If you like giveaways Elsa Mora is doing a giveaway for a Gemini pin she made. I'm not really into the zodiac thing, but I am into her art so I hope I win, or if I don't win then I hope you win=)

Have you heard of One World - One Heart? It's a once a year BIG giveaway event where a bunch of crafters, artist, and various other talented people get together (via the Internet) and do a big giveaway. I'm thinking of participating in the event this next February.

I get excited when it comes to give-aways because I have won a few in the past. My most memorable is when I was in 8th grade. Every morning a local radio show would do a game where they would play a sound bite from a movie and you (the listening audience) would call in to guess the correct movie. My Pop always knew the correct answer to the movie contest. He's a serious movie buff, however his preferred genera isn't... ummm... my taste. I think his favorite all time movie is Predator . I have one Thanksgiving memory where my Pop brought home First Blood for the family and extended kin to watch. My Mom was thrilled as you can imagine. Aunts, in-laws, uncles, cousins, kids and First Blood on Thanksgiving... hilarious!
Back to the contest - So, one morning I called in and the DJ answered. The following is how the convo went:

DJ: Hello this is Magic 102 Fm

Me: Hi, (giggle) um... am I the right caller?

DJ: What do you mean by color?

Me: NO! Am I the right caller?

DJ: I don't know what color you are.

Me: CALLER! Am I the right caller?!

DJ: It doesn't matter what color you are?

After a couple of minutes of this, and to my relief, I was finally declared the correct caller. I win! Either I can't say the word caller correctly or the DJ saw this as an opportunity to be funny at my expense (probably both because I can't say the word crayon correctly either). The funny thing is, that the next morning the station did the movie contest again, as they did every morning, so I called in and.... ta dah...I was the correct caller again! However, when the DJ asked for my name and I said "Jamie" he said "Is this the same Jamie from yesterday?" "Yyyyes" I responded. "You can't win twice in a row" said the DJ and he hung up on me. My family and I still enjoy telling that story.

Fortunately for me, Elisa Nora's give-away only requires written comments as opposed to verbal. No pronunciation required. Is there such a thing as a California accent?



Miranda said...

I love that giveway contest. I swear, what WOULD we DO without the internet? I love how blogging brings total strangers together.

And yes, there is such a thing as a *California Accent*. I'm a Canadian and lived most of my life in Los Angeles. When I talk to my family back home they make *fun* of my *oh so California talk*. I suppose I don't use "eh" at the end of a sentance very much any more. Like totally! LOL

Pretty Ditty said...

What a relief that there is a California accent. OMG I like feel so much better now =)