June 2, 2010

Winners and New Organic Fabric

The Random Number Generator has found favor with...
Sarah G
Congrats winners!  I have both of your email addresses, so I will email you shortly for your shipping info.
Looking over all of the comments, I'd say the Peacock is the blue prize winner for Most Popular Craft to Make First category. I do have 3 books left in stock if you are interested in making that Fancy Peacock.
Thank you everyone who entered. 

Continuing the bird theme, I just received a shipment of organic fabric by Birch Fabric's titled Circa 50.

   All of the fabrics would make lovely aprons, curtains, and/or baby blankets. However, my favorite of the bunch is Tree Stripes located in the top left corner with the birds perched in the trees. 

The entire Circa 50 collection is GOTS certified which means the fabric meets the Global Organic Textile Standard.  The fabric is produced from organic cotton and printed with low impact dyes.  So not only does this fabric make the eyes feel good to look at - it's environmentally friendly too!  Here's the link to the fabrics.

Lastly, I have added more fabric to the 40% off clearance section such as Sandi Henderson's Meadow Sweet fabric.  Here's the link.




Sarah G said...

:) :) :) I'm so excited to win - thanks for the chance!!!


handbags*n*pigtails said...

Oh man...I thought it was me!:( Congrats to the OTHER Sarah G:) as well as Lucie.
Sarah G

Pretty Ditty said...

Yikes! I'm sorry to have gotten your hopes up. 2 Sarah G's... goodness =)

Lucie said...

Thanks so much. It made my day!!! It really cheered me up. Thanks for your generosity! Lucie

Lucie said...

Jamie, I received my book today. I was absolutely excited. I love the book and cannot wait to start crafting and getting inspired by each page. Again thanks for brightening my day!!!

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Can you give me a tutorial about how to create organic fabric!