May 18, 2010

New Aprons

Last week I attended a culinary themed women's luncheon at Azusa Pacific University, which I was asked to be a vendor at.  I had been preparing for the luncheon for some time now, and I figured whatever didn't sell at the luncheon I could list in my shop.  Happily, almost everything sold, which means I won't be having a big shop update.  However, I do have 2 aprons for the shop.

The first apron is made with Echino Quiet Ground in lavender.  And the second apron is made with laminated Echino Quiet Ground fabric.  Both aprons have a corset back and are available in my etsy shop Pretty Ditty.




mjellis said...


Congrats on a successful show!

jhosszu said...

Glad to hear you had a successful show. I love the apron made of laminated fabric. It's awesome!

Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you =)