March 18, 2010

The Hooded Scarf sewing pattern

They're here! The Hooded Scarf pattern is now in stock.

Ahh...crisp and pristine.

For those of you that pre-ordered the Hooded Scarf pattern, you'll be happy to know that your pattern has already shipped.

I've been meaning to share some of Pierre's pictures from the shoot...

The lining in this Hooded Scarf was formally a shirt of mine. I'm partial to striped shirts and this particular black and white one was a favorite of mine. That is until I was asked on 2 separate occasions if I was a Mime. On the first occasion, I was wearing the striped shirt with red lipstick and faded black jeans. My neighbor's sixth grade son, whom I pick up after school, walked up to me and said, "Hi Mime." I must admit it was pretty funny at the time. The second time the comment was made by my son, so when I was making the black Hooded Scarf, I knew just what fabric to use for the lining.
Now, all of my shirts are potential hooded scarves.


P.S. The Hooded Scarf pattern is available in both my fabric shop ( and etsy shop (


mel said...

gorgeous creation!
wow, it's my first visit to your blog and i'm totally impressed. looking forward to following!
have a great monday!

jacqueline said...

Gorgeous photos on your hooded scarfs! So happy that the pattern looks great! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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