February 12, 2010

We've come to a truce

The Shoog and I have come to an agreement. She gets the couch and I get my floors, shoes, and bras back.

I'll spare you the bra image. It's a bit disturbing. Actually, I would like to thank Sour Apple for giving me the tools to force the new peace treaty between my dog and I. I may have to use that stuff to get my soon to be 4 year old off the sippy cup. That would be OK right????

I've come to realize the saying, "If you can't beat them join them," is good advice. Every morning, I start the day with a cup of coffee. Shoog gets up with me, her eyes flickering, still trying to adjust to the light. She waits for me to sit on the couch with her. As soon as I sit down, she cuddles up with me and lets me drink my coffee... in peace. We have an understanding of each other now.

Ree Drummond is re-posting a great series on Aperture. I've read this series before and didn't quite get it, because I was still trying to understand the buttons on my camera. However, this time around I'm totally getting it. And loving it!

I know they're not the greatest, but I've been shooting in manual mode which is a big deal for me. I like having control over the exposure. Anyways, most of you probably already know of Ree Drummond, but if not, here is a link to the series (link)

On a different note, the shop is all updated.
Have a great weekend!




Knox said...

I'm glad Sour Apple worked for you. Our dogs ask for it as a condiment or a dipping sauce.

Poe Lane said...

Awww Shoog is soo cute. Glad you have come to a truce.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are so funny, mine has a thing for socks and underwear. Mostly I think she wants the attention, but I wish she wouldn't insist on periodically eating them! It's charming when we have company over and she comes prancing out into the middle of the living room with a pair of underwear she's just stolen from the hamper.

I just discovered your blog and love it. You're very talented; can't wait for the scarf pattern.

laura said...

how could you not love such a sweet face? sour apple never worked for our dog, she's learned now to only chew on her own things though.
bird photos look great!

Lisa said...

That closed eyes pic made me smile. Kind of like "la-la-la, I'm not listening to you"! :)

jacqueline said...

Shoog is soo adorable! Oh i didn't know about Ree Drummond! Thanks for sharing...those photos are gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and a sweet sweet valentine's! Love to yoU!

Mary said...

Everytime you post a picture of Shoog my heart melts.... how could you deny her anything (as my three pups lie around me on the bed!). My girls squeel when I tell them that there are more Shoog pictures! Thanks for sharing her with us! I follow your blog daily and so enjoy your posts... and now the extra eye-candy (Shoog) compels us to check in even more often!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Alright, you have one of the cutest dogs ever! We have two shar-peis, but I love bulldog...well, I love all dogs I guess. :) I got a new camera for Christmas, but I can't work a thing on it and I'm dreading taking the time to figure it out. Arghhh!

Your photos are great!