December 8, 2009

A staple story

I went silent there for a wee bit. When one tries to make this year's holidays a "handmade" one, and runs a business that is of the handmade nature, things get pretty busy with handmade stuff.

To make my week even busier, I had a few unexpected kids type stuff happen last week. It all started mid week when I received a phone call from the school nurse that my 8 year old had gotten sick at school. After a visit to the Doctor's it turned out he had a double ear infection. Nothing a little antibiotics can't help. And it did! The next day he was well enough to go back to school. However at about noon, I received another phone call from the school nurse telling me that once again she had my son in her office, but this time his head was bleeding. Apparently, he and another boy were playing Transformers and collided on the play ground. When I went into the office, there stood the two boys with big crocodile tears rolling down their sweet little plump cheeks. Both had ice packs - My son with one on his head and the other boy with one on his chin. I looked at the two of them and with a stern voice said, "I just want to know one thing... Who was Optimus Prime?" They both chuckled, but then quickly remembered they were injured and resumed crying. As I comforted my son, he looked up at me while still sobbing and managed to say, " I really want to go on my field trip mom." That particular day was a field trip day. After a few explanations of what had happened I began to understand that what was making my son most upset was not the gaping hole in his head, but a field trip that he was definitely going to miss. The really crazy thing is this...guess where they were going??? THE POST OFFICE! As in the same place my kids and I go to at least twice a week. My kids complain every time we go there! I looked at my son and told him that he was not going to make the field trip, which led him into another episode of major hysterics.

Anywho, when we went to the ER, the Doctor decided one staple should do the trick. I have never had, nor seen, anyone get staples before. And to my surprise they use a staple gun. I was expecting something more doctor-like and less Home Depot-ish. So, with a squeeze of the staple gun trigger... BAMO! A staple repaired the hole. Poor little guy. They didn't even numb the area, because all he needed was 1 staple. According to the doctor, the pain involved in numbing the area was determined to be about the same as one staple in the head. After the fact, I question this assumption. Not fun at all :(

There is a happy ending to this story. We stopped by the post office on the way home, because I needed to drop off some packages. All we were missing was the buddy system.


The above picture is of the Irvine Spectrum Ferris wheel. I went there this past Sunday with my family. I enjoy taking pictures of Ferris wheels, but not riding them.

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

I'm laughing because I have a photo of two of my grandchildren that bumped heads... they are both standing there with ice packs on them... my granddaughter has big crocodile tears and the grandson has a big old smirk on his face... kids..... I swear.

The Blue Ridge Gal
(just went to our post office yesterday :-) There was no buddy system going on there either)

jacqueline said...

awww i hope his not in pain anymore. I kinda had a chilled when i read he got stapled..i would have freak out. >_< I am glad it all ended well and he did make it to the post office that day. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Tuppence said...

I just love your momism "I just want to know which one was Optimus Prime." Brilliant!

Hope the little one is alright soon and no scaring. And hope you finish your handmade gifts on time!

Anonymous said...

A staple gun. That is horrible.

sunni said...

I really can't believe they used a staple gun. Kind of makes you think that you could do-it-yourself. Was it actually a staple, like a real one, in the gun? I would be expecting some sort of medicated something. How sad. I feel so bad for your boy. Hope he's well now.

Pretty Ditty said...

I'm assuming they used surgical steel and it all just looked really Home Depot-ish. However, if an "end of the world" type of catastrophe happens and I find myself in need of repairing an open wound, I know just the tool to use =)

Anonymous said...

first of all, I remember the mommy days all to well, now my girls are having their own mommy days (ooooh, pay back, LOL). Next, when I saw your pic of the ferris wheel, my mind was still in the crafty mode (where it stays most of the time) and I was seeing a bicycle wheel decorated and couldn't wait to see how you did it, boy was I in for a shock....

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