April 3, 2009

Paper Girls and aprons

New dolls with new clothes. Paper clothes to be exact. I've always been drawn to mixed media paintings, especially paintings with text hidden under the paint. I'm also a huge fan of paper-cuts! And on occasion have made a few paper-cuts myself. So as you can imagine, I was very excited to have figured out a way to incorporate both my love of text and paper-cutting into my new love of peg doll making. Sol is the first peg doll shown and if you look real close at her cheeks you'll see newspaper print. Annabella is the second peg doll and she has a paper cut for a skirt. She also has a little black bird for a friend. As soon as I can figure out a way to ship them without squishing their skirts, I'll list them in the shop.

Speaking of the shop, it's been awhile since I've made any aprons. That's because I'm working on the apron pattern. I figured if I don't allow myself to make aprons until the pattern is finished I'll probably finish the pattern. It's all written out and the pattern pieces have been drafted, it's the illustrations that have slowed me down. I now have new software which has already helped out quite a bit. However, I am still learning the software, so on occasion, I come across a few curve balls which ends up slowing me down. All that to say, I am working on my apron pattern and hopefully, within a reasonable amount of time, I will have both the apron pattern completed and some new pretty ditties up in the shop.

Have a happy weekend!


kaye said...

those are wonderful, I love the full circles as well as the cut work. The dolls appear to be whirling and twirling. Are you having an itty bitty party at your place

GoyaDesigns said...

So, are you making apron patterns to sell? or make your life easier?
My Give Away has begun. Please check it out and join the contest.


Jacqueline said...

I love those new dolls..so pretty and cute! And i miss your aprons in the shops...hope to see some soon when your done! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you and yours!

Pretty Ditty said...

Thanks =)

Kaye - It does look as though I'm having an itty bitty part. Now if I can make myself a paper dress, I'd be good to go =)

Samgoose said...

These dolls are so clever. I'm really impressed and the paper cut looks lovely, though when I first read paper cut I thought you meant actually cutting yourself with the paper! We don't call cut out paper patterns paper cuts in England... though come to think of it I'm not sure what we actually do call them!

Pretty Ditty said...

Thanks Samgoose. That's funny about the paper cut thing. You must have been like "what?" I'm not sure how to write paper cut? Maybe paper-cut or papercut? I'll try paper-cut.

Thanks again.

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