April 10, 2009

Happy Easter


I've been a computer geek this last week, which is why I haven't had any crafty things to share here in Prettydittyville. However, my knowledge of vector paths has increased to the point of full capacity! I'm sure my rear end has expanded due to the number of hours I have spent sitting at my dinner table, while working on the apron illustrations. Darn Earth's gravitational pull!

I am looking forward to sewing again. All of this time spent away from my sweet sewing machine has left my mind flooded with ideas. Specifically, sun dress and tank top ideas. In the mean time, I was very excited to get an email from Schmap Guides informing that they have chosen the above photo to be included in their seventh addition of The San Diego Neighborhood Guide. Here is the link. When your mouse hovers over the Mission Bay link, my pic pops up on the right. They had contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I would submit it in a group of photos to be considered for their neighborhood guide. I did, however I didn't hear back from them until today! Hooray! I love photography and I love San Diego scenery, so I'm thrilled to have my pic in their Schmap guide.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter.
He is risen!



Laura said...

Congrats on having your picture chosen! Have a great Easter! Greg and I will be in Hawaii with the rest of the family, we leave tomorrow! Just in time to avoid MORE snow here.

Anonymous said...

I have a photo on Schmao also... I think it's of ringtailed lemurs at the Phoenix zoo....

The Blue Ridge Gal

Happy Easter!

Pretty Ditty said...

It looks like I'm in good company =)

lucky knitter said...

Congrats on having your beautiful photo chosen! And a very Happy Easter to you and your family!

Linda said...

Happy Easter! The picture is beautiful even though it is only a bridge and not some crafty item. It was taken at the perfect time of day. There are beautiful shadows on the water, too. Lovely. Linda


Jacqueline said...

Congratz!! That is a pretty picture! Hope you had a good easter! Looking forward to your sewing goodies. Have a lovely merry happy monday and love to you!