January 6, 2009

Peg dolls, a new fabric blog, and a giveaway!

During Christmas break, I was able to squeeze in some therapy. I mean craft time. For me, it is very therapeutic to craft, especially when it involves painting. Below are two new peg dolls to add to my collection. Let me introduce you to them. No, they don't actually talk... out loud =).

Lucy peg doll

This is Lucy and she seems to attract birds everywhere she goes. I think it's because of her sweet disposition. Animals are able to sense that sort of thing in a person you know, and babies can too.


And this is Loo. Don't mess with Loo! Actually, she just puts up a big front and is really a softy deep down inside. Birds like her too.

These little wooden dolls can be quite addicting to make.

*** Fabric news ***

I have recently discovered a new fabric blog called The Fabric Shopper a blog dedicated to online fabric sources and inspiration. The blog is basically about all things fabric from online shops, flickr groups, and tutorials to everyone's favorite topic.... giveaways.

Speaking of giveaways, the very talented textile designer Amy Schimler is having a big giveaway on her blog Red Fish Circle. She is giving away one yard of fabric from her new collection Forest Fun along with four Forest Critter pins. There will be three winners total. The winners will be chosen on January 15th (click here to enter). I love anything forest themed especially when it involves critters.



Magpie mom said...

I LOVE your dolls! I have admired all of them, but your new addition, Lucy, is precious. I love the bird on her head. She definitely has a personality. Very talented!

copperseal said...

beautiful dolls - im glad crafting is therapeutic to you! it produces such lovely results when you do it with a calm mind :)

Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you.

Giabella Designs said...

Happy New Year Jaime!

Julia said...

These doll are beautiful. You don't make custom doll for people do you? I'm trying to find a little bride & groom that could be personalized for my wedding, and these look perfect!