November 22, 2008

It's beginning to look a little like Christmaaaas.

Do you know what that is?.... I'm hoping you said (or thought) "that's a Christmas wreath around her light fixture." Yes, you are correct. I am off to an early start this year (for me at least), you know... the elf and all. I figured if I'm going to get into Christmas decorating this year, I might as well start early. I think one of the reasons why I haven't gotten into Christmas decorating in the past, is because I always feel like I have to take the decorations down as soon as I put them up. This year, I solved this dilemma by deciding to start early and blog about it. The blog makes it even more purposeful.

I'm going to go for the natural woodsy Christmas look this year. That theme seems to work well within my budget. I've got lots of sticks in my backyard that can be incorporated into my woodsy Christmas theme. I am aware of the fact that my wreath doesn't go with my modern block art work. Which by the way, my mom just told me her Dentist has the same art hanging in his office.... awesome! I'm thinking I'll just wrap the Dentist art in Christmas wrapping paper, place a big bow on it, and add a few twigs of course.

I got the Christmas light fixture idea from Cottage Christmas magazine (pg 51).

My mom and I went to Michaels for the supplies. Here's a breakdown of the supplies and price: wreath $12.99, ribbon $4.99 (on sale), berries (0.99),butterflies (4.99).

Not bad for the price, and that's without the 40% or 50% off coupon that I should have cut out of the newspaper.

Here's how we pulled it off. First, we lightly decorated the wreath. Next, we measured how long we wanted the wreath to drop from the ceiling. Lastly, with ladders, muscles, and guts, we hung the wreath with the measured ribbon and accomplished our mission. My mom was the fearless one who stood on the tallest ladder to tie the wreath to the chains. I was the muscle that held the wreath up. Once we got the wreath up, we added some more berries to the wreath where needed, and then stepped back and reveled in our accomplishment. We were like "Oh yeah! You don't want none of this!" And gave each other knuckles. I know it's just a wreath, but please, let us enjoy our moment =)

Lastly, Thanksgiving is just about here and I have much to be thankful for. At the top of my Thankful list are family, friends, freedom, and Dentist art. This next week I will be spending a lot of time with family and friends, so if you don't hear from me for the next week, please have a safe and thankful Thanksgiving.



bobbinoggin said...

holy spimoly! you have me rip-rairin' to go on this project. cause i want one too!!!

Pretty Ditty said...

You will have to send me some pics of your version. It really is very easy to do. I hope you make one =)

michele said...

Cute, fun and festive!

copperseal said...

lovely idea ;)

just found your blog and i love it - i look forward to following!

happy blogging and happy living :)

SPKarenO said...

very very cool...and its got me thinkin!!

GoyaDesigns said...

I completely understand the thrill of any DIY project, so I get your excitement.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Melanie O said...

Neat idea - and I love your dining room! I just redecorated mine with very similar colors!

See here:

and here:

I love to see that someone else loves color just as much as I do!

Wendy said...

I was backreading on your blog and noticed you talked about having TMJ. I was just diagnosed with this am interested in talking to you about your experiences. I'm leaving my email address so you can contact me, I would be so appreciative!

Wendy Martinez

Papier Glacé said...

C'est très joli ! Bravo !