August 25, 2008

Two new dresses that make my eyes feel good.

One of my favorite fashion designers is Betsy Johnson. She has such a fun and flirty style without sacrificing class. Her dress designs make me think of how much fun it is to be a girl. Now, in no way am I comparing myself to her, because let's face it, if this were the Olympics of dress design she won the gold and I didn't make it past the qualifying round. However, the Delight dress totally makes me think of her fun and flirty style. The tulle on the dress is freakin awesome! I really like it, but I can't keep - it's sold.

The Pop dress is sooo easy on the eyes. I have this thing where sometimes if I look at a fabric or a piece of clothing, my eyes will get this really weird, but nice feeling. Very difficult to explain. Basically, the fabric or clothing, will make my eyes feel good. My husband has gotten use to this term and he knows that if I say "that makes my eyes feel good," I will wear the heck out of that piece of clothing. The Pop dress makes my eyes feel so good, but it's sold as well.

Off to more sewing. I've got a couple of more custom orders to do and then, hopefully, I will be able to make some aprons for the shop - ones that make my eyes feel good.



Wolf family said...

It was SOOOO good to hear from you via my blog. Thanks for commenting and for reading. And it is so fun to catch up on you and your successful business and stories, are amazing and I am VERY impressed with EVERYTHING!

I miss you and would love to talk. This summer has been a blur and I am NOT AT ALL READY for the school year to begin, but, alas, I have no choice. Hope you are your little ones are well. And I hope to talk soon,

Pamelamama said...

Well, I didn't buy the summer dress because it's just too cold here already. I have two words for you: Fall Dress.

Hmm? Any thoughts?

These dresses are so lovely!


Finn said...

Beautiful design of these dresses!! I would like to pick fist one!!