July 16, 2008

Bird necklace and crows

A week ago, when I was logging off of Etsy, I saw a necklace that I couldn't resist buying. It was an impulsive buy, which fortunately the price of the necklace wasn't in Euros because I didn't check the price before I bought it. I never do impulsive buying like that, but when something is on the front page of Etsy, it's like a frenzy, the hits go through the roof. So I bought it and I am so happy I did.

The necklace is by Luxe Deluxe and it's called Athena's Love Nest. How dang cute is that?! It's special to me for several reasons: 1) Pearls are my birth stone 2) Athena is a Greek goddess and I'm Greek (minus the goddess) 3) I have 3 little shooga boogas, and lastly 4) I heart birds. The two birds, in my mind, represent my husband and I. So that's how I justify my impulsive buy =)

You know, I don't heart all birds. I know..... shocking. I'm not a fan of crows.

It all started in 7th grade when we, my class, were required to read a couple of narrative poems by Edgar Allan Poe. There was one poem in particular titled The Raven, you've probably read it, well needless to say it freaked me out.

A couple of years ago, at our previous place of residence, we had an entire crow clan living in a tree that hovered over our house. Did you know that Crow families stay together for generation after generation? The mama crows never "kick the babies out of the nest" so to speak. We must of had 5 generations living up in our tree. They were the loudest most annoying little boogers I ever did hear. Every afternoon, just when my little one was asleep the crows would start cawing as if it was show time at the Apollo. My little guy would then wake up out of a deep sleep and make me pay for it for the for REST OF THE AFTERNOON. I began to wonder if it wouldn't be such a bad idea to buy a bb gun and do a drive-by on the crow family. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the bb gun wasn't necessary.

Do you remember the West Nile Virus scare? I do! The Crow family got it. One day a crow was waddling around our front yard and looked very sick. He had one wing out with a crazy cock-eyed look. He then died. We had the city humane society come out and remove the dead bird . The next day there was another sick bird, and another one, and another one. Before we knew it, cars were stopping in front of our house pointing to all of the sick birds waddling around our front yard. One lady came up to our door and began to pound on it saying "I'm not a solicitor, I'm not a solicitor (i had a no soliciting sign on my door). You have dead birds on your lawn. I think they have the virrrrruuuuuusssss!" Really, and I thought they were just napping. No, I didn't say that, but I wanted to. Anyways, I began to feel sorry for the crows and found myself feeling guilty for ever wishing any harm on them. It got so bad that the city stopped coming to our house to remove the birds. They told us to just shovel them into the gutter (ewww). Within a couple of weeks, all of the crows had passed away. I know -sad. The good news was that my little guy could finally nap in peace. I know that sounds a bit shallow, but it's true. I still don't like crows.



Anonymous said...

I just wandered over here from Anna Maria and I love your aprons. You do a great job with you fabric selection! Beautiful!!!!

Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you. I love her fabric=)

terriaw said...

I love this necklace. So lovely!

www.e3d.es said...

This cannot truly work, I believe so.