July 11, 2008

A video and a skirt

Above is The Drowning Men's new video Disorder Here We Come. The video is worth the viewing for its great music and creativity. I am thrilled for my bro (lead vocals), as I watch him and his band develop their uncompromising and dynamic sound. He has a special gift that let's him pick up any instrument, even if he has never played it in his life, and make it sing. I on the other-hand cannot. He's a musical genius. I'm the musical groupie.

On a different note ;) I hope to have some pics up of my new skirt I just made. I used this fabric.

I once saw a movie with the actress Sofia Loren in it. In the movie she wore a gathered skirt with a tight belt and sweater. She looked amazing! After viewing the movie, I couldn't get that "look" out of my head. The skirt I made is sort of like that, but with more of a homemade feel to it =) I hope to show you on Monday.

Have a happy weekend!



Giabella Designs said...

Sofia Loren was just beautiful. She had what? like a 15" waist with a 38" hips. The "hourglass" girl!

Regarding my post/your reply:
I really don't crave dessert BUT if it is in the house, on my counter, I WANT it! I am trying to eat clean but just feel like I don't get the concept of combinations for each meal. This morning I had a 2 egg white/half egg yolk omelett with spinach, onions and tomato with a 1/2 grapefruit and a handfull of blackberries. I hope that was a clean breakfast!

Pretty Ditty said...

Squeaky clean =)