June 24, 2008

Christmas...in June????

Would it be wrong to make a Christmas apron in June, or should I wait until July? I just got this fabric in my fabric store and I LOVE IT! It may seem strange to make an apron now, especially because it has been over 100 degrees for the past week. I've always been that person that grumbles under their breath when they see early Christmas decorations in department stores. "Already! Can't they wait until after Halloween?" Yet, here I find myself considering making a Christmas apron. It's not my fault it's Alexander Henry's fault for releasing the fabric soo early. Seriously, how can I resist with fabric as cute as this (that rhymed...it must be all this Christmas talk). I'm thinking black tulle would look dope with the black fabric, and some of that white furry stuff would look HOT along the bottom of a Lola apron with the red fabric. I'm not sure if the furry stuff is washable? The last thing a person needs is an apron that needs to dry cleaned! We'll see.

Speaking of fabric, guess who else has a new fabric store? ......... My mom! She has just opened an online ebay store that specializes in children's fabric. So far, she has Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Marcus Brother, and my favorite Kokka fabrics (Japanese fabric). My mind is fluttering with all sorts of apron idea's with her fabric. You can check out her store Lil Urchin Fabric's here.

Off I go to work on my dress. This would be attempt #2 and I hope it will be worthy enough to show you on Friday.



Giabella Designs said...

I think that it is Never too early to prepare for Christmas. I too agree that seeing decorations for the holidays in July is CRAZY but to sew all of your aprons for the season NOW makes a lot of sense.

I think that it is about time you made dresses! Your aprons look like sun dresses, they are so pretty!

Pretty Ditty said...

Thank you =)

Miranda said...

That fabric is super cute!!! I showed my Mom your blog and she said that it's NEVER too early to start crafting for the holidays. She used to be the floral designer at Michaels and mentioned that the store usually stocks Christmas stuff the end of July. Looks like your right on track darlin :)