May 27, 2008

The Getty

This past Saturday I went to The Getty Museum. I was already expecting to be impressed with the art work exhibited at the museum but what caught me by surprise was the breathtaking views and beautiful botanical life.



Don't these berries look poisonous?



I found it interesting how a painting changes in regards to the distance you view it from. For example Van Gogh's painting Irises, when I viewed it from a couple of feet back, the scene was fluid with increasing motion similar to the crescendo of a melody. In contrast, when I got within a couple of inches from it, the work reveals the different consistency of oil paint used in each choppy brush stroke as if to have no correlation. Fascinating!

There was one particular painting of a sailboat being tossed to and fro in the rough waters of a violent sea. From a distance the painting provoked feelings of despair and nervousness, but when I went up close to view it I saw the fishermen had happy faces painted on them, and what I mean by happy faces is two dots for the eyes and a concave line for the mouth like this :) Interesting!

All in all, it was a pleasant, inspiring, and humbling experience. If you are ever in Los Angeles I recommend a trip to The Getty. Admission is free! The price of gas it took to get there is what gets you. Somebody stop the madness!


...and lastly, a new apron for the shop.



varenia said...

oh i love the Getty! and you captured it so beautifully in your photos! what talent!

Pretty Ditty said...

Thanks! It's hard to take a bad pic there. You are just surrounded by beauty at The Getty.